22 Best Snow Day Activities To Do With Kids

You get the news that schools are closed, it’s a Snow Day! Your kids are excited, I mean who doesn’t love a snow day?? You as the parent might be excited too (or not 😉), and you are now left to figure out things to do to keep the kids occupied all day.

Check out these snow day outdoor and indoor activities

1. Build An Igloo Or Snow Fort

If you have snow brick molds they would be the ideal tool to build your igloo or fort. If not then bring out the beach toys you have around, including sand buckets and shovels as they are perfect for building on a snow day. Or take it back to the basics and just pile up some snow and dig out a fort. I don’t need to tell you to be careful with this, but I will.

2. Bake

Bring out the baking pans and ingredients. Kids love to be helpful, so why not let them measure, pour and mix some ingredients. Make a batch of cookies or muffins, this will for sure be a hit. Nothing like freshly baked goods on a cold day, or any day really.

3. Toboggan

If you have access to hills nearby, getting to enjoy some fun tobogganing is always a blast.

Enjoying our time tobogganing on a snow day
Enjoying our time tobogganing

4. Make Snow Cones

Your kids will be excited to collect balls of fresh snow to make their very own snow cone. To the balls of snow, add some lemon juice, a pinch of sugar, and voila you have your snow cone.

5. Shovel

Get out and start shoveling. There’s bound to be a driveway or sidewalk nearby that could benefit from a decent shovel.

6. Interactive Chores

Unless you want to listen to whining kids pick your chores carefully. Chances are they won’t want to clean their rooms, but anything that they are not usually exposed to will likely be fun. For instance, I get my kids to help make dishwasher tablets, they love to measure, press, and feel a sense of achievement.

7. Hiking

Go for a winter hike, bring out the little explorers and see what you find along your way.

Our young explorers out for a hike
Our young explorers out for a hike

8. Scavenger Hunt

Hide items around your house, indoors and/or outdoors. Provide your kids with clues and send them on their way.

9. Storytime

Have your kids pick some of their favorite books and sit down and cozy up for storytime. This could also be a great opportunity for your kids to practice their reading skills.

10. Dance Party Time

Put on your best-loved music and let’s see those awesome dance moves.

11. Build A Fort Indoors

Is it too cold outside? Grab some chairs, blankets, and pillows, and bring the fort building inside.

A very easy to make fort, our kids had a great time playing in it

12. Yoga

Kids enjoy a good stretch. Get moving by turning on a yoga video for everyone to follow along to.

13. Indoor Picnic

Picnics are so enjoyable outdoors, but during the cold days why not bring a picnic indoors. Layout a blanket, prepare some food, gather around and enjoy.

14. Bubble Bath

Kids love a bubble bath, really who doesn’t? After enjoying some time in the cold outdoors, fill the tub, add bubbles, throw in some toys and your kids will be easily entertained. All while getting clean, it’s a win-win.

15. Games

Bring out the board games, puzzles, or for some competitive family fun why not try a game console such as the Wii.

My son focused on completing a puzzle
My son focused on completing a puzzle

16. Indoor Obstacle Course

Create an indoor obstacle course. They will enjoy the different obstacles and the excitement of completing each task. The different tasks set up will vary depending on your kid’s ages but some ideas: Toss a ball into a basket, jump five times, crawl under a row of chairs.

17. Indoor Beach Day

Set up an indoor beach day by laying out towels, bring out the beach toys, and get in your swimsuit. If it happens to be a sunny day, all the better, and be sure to lay out the towels in a spot where the sun is shining through the window.

18. Blow Frozen Bubbles

Blowing bubbles isn’t just for fun in the summer, why not also enjoy them in the winter. If you’re up for some science fun, when the temperatures are freezing, bubbles will freeze.

19. Arts n Crafts

Get out some paper, markers, paints and see what they create.

20. Paint the Snow

Snow painting can be done outdoors or indoors. All you need is 2 cups of warm-ish tap water mixed with about ten drops of food coloring, paintbrushes, snow, and if it’s just too cold outside place the snow in a plastic container and bring it inside.

21. Make Maple Syrup Snow Candy

This is an easy and fun winter treat that only requires two ingredients, pure maple syrup, and clean, fresh snow. Pack down an area of snow until it’s nice and firm. Pour your syrup into a small pot and heat until boiling and it’s starting to bubble. Remove the pot from the heat and pour your syrup in lines on the snow. The syrup is VERY hot so be extra careful. Press a popsicle stick into the syrup and then as the syrup is cooling, roll it up around the stick. This is a very tasty treat that your little ones are sure to enjoy.

22. Snow Fun

There is always the traditional fun in the snow that you can do just about anywhere, which also doesn’t require any extra creativity; build a snowman, make snow angels, and have a good old snowball fight.

Fun in the snow, building snowman and creating snow angels
Fun in the snow, building snowman and creating snow angels

Snow days don’t happen too often, so make the most of it and have fun! Remember to take pictures and capture those precious moments.

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